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Taylor Guitar Glossary - Here's some great definitions of guitar related terms on the Taylor Guitar website. If you've been wondering what terms like "action" and "dreadnought" mean, this is the place to check out!


Taylor Tech Sheets - Taylor Guitars is committed to enhancing the enjoyment of owning a solid-wood acoustic guitar by providing a wide range of informative materials. The following Taylor Tech-Sheets were prepared by service and repair manager Terry Myers and the Taylor staff. Others will be added as they become available. 

There are some great tips here about humidity, installing saddles, changing strings, truss rod adjustments, and much more!


Banjo Resources - Goldtone has a great section on their site dedicated to banjo related questions. You'll find information about maintenance, set up, banjo styles, and much more. 

Ibanez Wiring Diagrams - Here's a great tool if you're trying to fix a wiring problem you might be having for your Ibanez guitar.


All Music Guide - Can't remember what album that song you're looking for is on? The All Music Guide is a tool we use everday at Woody's to locate all those songs and albums you're looking for.


The Care and Feeding of Your Martin Guitar- Here's a great guide for Martin or any other guitars. Information is related to humidity, storage, adjusting action, traveling instructions, how to string your guitar, etc. Link is an Adobe PDF, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see the info.


Music Link Music Instrument Information

Acoustic Guitar Information - Here's a few things we've picked up from the Music Link company about acoustic / electric guitars, orchestra instruments, band instruments, Harmonicas, and Live Sound. Really good info here. 


Woody's Guide to Buying an

Entry-Level Guitar


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